Evg. Darren from QDMinistries here.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Addresses Prophet Brian Carn Prophetic Allegations

I’ve to share my concerns of the state of the chapel today which i find extremely worrying. A few of you may or might not be alert to a TV program called Preachers of Atlanta where a pastor claim to distribute condoms and cigarettes in church in a hope to attract prostitutes and worldly visitors to the church. The situation with that’s, should it not function as “Spirit of the Very Most Superior” that draws visitors to the church?. Prophet Mark Carn talked on this same topic over a video called Prophet Brian Carn Echoes On offering condoms and cigarettes in church. This video is found on youtube for those planning to hear this meaning which i observed relational, to mention minimal While about them of Prophet John Carn,. There appears to be talk on social systems advising he has estimated a sentence after sentence prediction from the recognized Psychic Cheryl Lynn. Again I wish to stress the idea that when the saints get to a place of putting our Commanders and prophets down and exposing them for taking what I really believe is an immediate term from Lord and saying he has obtained this expression from a psychic, I find it worrying this would possibly be mentioned and also have our exclusive affairs talked for the whole world to see, notice and read. If these dirty washing is being aired in public, if the world sees this happening within the body of Jesus then can we attract the planet. We already have several damaging labels placed on us just for declaring that we are currently following Christ. But now we have preachers of Atlanta, and preachers or Pastors proclaiming to utilize cigarettes to attract the planet for the church. Wake up Women and Men of God.


I think, Prophet Brian Carn is an anointed man of God, and he would not be using a psychic for his prophecies he gives together with the body of Jesus, and additional more like a body of Jesus if we have or suppose we have an issue using a buddy/sibling or chief, we should first go to that brother or sister first. Please read: Matthew 18: only 15 If your pal or brother sins, proceed and mention their fault between your two of you. You’ve gained them around whenever they pay attention to you. Today I understand Prophet Mark Carn may well not have sinned straight to everyone of you but this scripture can be used while in the same wording. Before we bypass and believe he doesn’t hear from God for his Prophecies, probably we have to be in contact with him first, and if not resolved or clarification has be settled, then we ought to consider using it-up with a leader who’s in touch with him. NOT the World.

Therefore to sum up, we have to take accountability The world is hunting a knowing people by our steps.


Evg. Darren from QDMinistries here.

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